Create Your Will

To create your will, use the link provided by one of our nonprofit partners. Example: 

Faithwills is an online, will-making tool, and a product of Good Raising, LLC.  We create custom tools that support nonprofits, increasing their impact and expanding their service to members, donors, employees, etc.

Faithwills allows nonprofits to provide a high-quality will making tool to their constituents, free of charge to the user.  As part of the process, users are given a zero-pressure option to leave a gift from their will to support the ongoing work of the nonprofit.

Visit Good Raising ( to learn how your nonprofit can provide this tool to its constituents. 


For a nonprofit’s members / donors / employees, we’re like turbo-tax but for estate planning.

For nonprofits, we are like the online “donate” button, but for planned giving.